About Us


Joseph O’Loughlin began constructing homes on Cape Cod in 1969. Today it continues to be a family owned and operated business. Joe has developed J. O’Loughlin, Inc. into a family business, offering customers high quality construction services from an honest, experienced, well respected firm rooted in strong family values.  

Our customers can count on a family member to walk them through the entire building process. Whether in an informal phone call or meeting, discussions on the development of the design and plans, the construction phase, or a post construction concern, will always be with an experienced and knowledgeable family member.  J. O’Loughlin, Inc. is committed to constructing homes and businesses with the upmost integrity and honesty with a dedication to client satisfaction.    



Residential – We design and build single family homes, additions, and remodels.  We can design your building plans and site plans in-house, or we can work with your professionals. Our goal is to provide you with custom, high quality construction, on time and within your budget.  We also provide a two year warranty on our workmanship. 

Commercial – Typical commercial construction involves working with your architects and structural engineers. We will work with your professionals or we can provide services related to commercial work.